In cement mixer trucks why does the mixer drum keep rotating

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    Recommendations: Investigators recommended the following procedures for chipping out concrete from the truck mixer drum: 1. Keep the hatch open 2. Place a box fan horizontally in hopper 3. Set the fan on high speed and exhaust the airflow out of the drum 4. Use a

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    Why does the mixer drum keep rotating during the process of delivery? As for cement mixer drum why does the drum mixer for sale keep rotating even if the truck is travelling? Let me summarize these thoughts : Two reasons about constantly rotation of concrete mixing . is known as the to delivery .

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    Apr 02 2005 · Why does the 90 minute rule to discharge concrete from a truck mixer begin from time of loading the truck at the plant? Why is time a concern before the concret ... The truck mixer would normally only keep the drum rotating to stop the concrete from segregating not for mixing. I say normally because sometimes the mixing water is added later and ...

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    For concrete professionals those of us who use the drum mixer as a regular tool the question "Why does a cement truck's drum mixer rotate during travel?" is a no-brainer. But what about the clients we serve? For people who dont work in our industry our tasks