Different Types of Concrete Pumps and Selection Process

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  • Different Types of Concrete Pumps and Selection Process

    We outline the different types of concrete pumps and throw light on their selection process... 1. Boom or truck-mounted pump: Bigger in size and suitable for huge road and highway projects this type of concrete pump is usually mounted on a truck or a semi-trailer and features a remotely controlled automatic robotic arm also known as boom to accurately place the concrete as required.

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    Based on the pumping pressure ease of working and developing technologies different concrete pumps have been developed. The main classification of concrete pumps are: Line Concrete Pumps; Boom Concrete Pumps; 1. Boom Concrete Pumps Boom concrete pumps stay at one particular position for the entire time of concrete pouring on a construction project.

  • How Does a Concrete Pump Work? | DY Concrete Pumps

    Oct 29 2019 · Different Types of Concrete Pumps. ... so this process was inefficient. Modern concrete pumps can pump much faster than cranes can lift buckets and they allow for a continuous flow of concrete. They also enable the concrete to be poured directly via a placing boom rather than being transferred sloppily in a bucket.

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    Types of Concrete Pumps and Their Applications. Concrete pumps are incredibly useful eliminating a lot of time that is otherwise spent moving heavy loads back and forth to different areas of construction sites. The large numbers in which concrete pumping