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    Apr 22 2019 · Schwing concrete pump has an open loop hydraulic circuit which result in high fuel efficiency because of less heat generation and efficient energy transfer. Ideally suited for the hot Indian climate tests have proved that Schwing concrete pumps are at least 12% more fuel efficient than the similar pump of competition.

  • Schwing runs fuel efficiency test 4 pumps pumping into ...

    May 01 2008 · Fuel Economy Concrete Boom Pumps Choosing The Right Brand Can Affect Your Bottom Line Fuel economy is sometimes overlooked when selecting a concrete pump. High diesel prices and the green building movement have elevated fuel economy into the consciousness of pump owners everywhere. In the past several years the Schwing Group has conducted several tests of their concrete pumps

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    The Concrete Pump Simulator helps reduce training costs associated to fuel consumption poured concrete waste and machine set-up while getting operators ready for the job faster and more efficiently. Concrete Pump simulator training pack features. Industry-Based Curriculum.